ONE Token

Through OneFinity we propose a new vision, providing a new economic model and language specifically designed for the information age. The power of an EVM-compatible blockchain built on MultiversX Sovereign Shard infrastructure.

The OneFinity token is inseparable from the OneFinity Network, and thus intrinsic to it. Some of ONE’s intended use cases include staking, delegation, payments, fees for storage rent and for smart contracts deployment, as well as rewarding the validators that contribute to the Network’s performance, stability and security.

In this first phase, gaining access to a recurring value stream generated by the network is conditioned by owning the ONE token, as the native asset of the OneFinity Network.

Once OneFinity becomes a thriving global ecosystem and public utility, one might expect the token to become a robust store of value, owing to compounding programmable incentives and strong underlying network effects governing the blockchain architecture. Its quality as a store of value will be a function of the underlying economic incentives amplified via real world adoption, defined conditional transition to a true deflationary economic model, and accrued trust in the OneFinity Network.

The OneFinity Network, on the other hand, is a proof-of-stake based blockchain platform where a set of validators, who have staked ONE, produce blocks by reaching consensus. Validators are rewarded for their work and staked ONE.

Any number of ONE holders can participate in staking indirectly by delegating their ONE to existing validators, usually professional validators (staking-as-a-service providers), that choose to accept delegations. A ONE holder indicates which validator candidates they trust and puts some ONE at stake to support their delegation. If one or more of their candidates are elected as validators in an epoch, they will share with them any economic rewards, proportional to their delegated stake. Delegating ONE is a way of investing one's ONE and contributing to the security of the system. The larger the total amount of ONE staked, the higher the system security, thanks to the increasing amount of stake needed by an adversary to get any nodes elected as validators.

How to contribute and give feedback

OneFinity and its employees operate in a dynamic environment where new ideas and risk factors emerge continually. Thus, we are constantly looking for feedback, with new assumptions that could challenge and improve parts of our model. We encourage those who want to contribute, to provide their feedback through OneFinity’s available forums.

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