WASM Virtual Machine

OneFinity VM: A Cutting-Edge Execution Engine

Introduction to the OneFinity WASM VM

The OneFinity VM revolutionizes smart contract execution with its use of Wasmerโ€”an enhanced version tailored to ensure both efficiency and security. By integrating advanced metering for individual WASM opcodes, preemptive execution control, and optimized compilation, OneFinity sets a new standard in VM design. Its prohibition of floating-point operations guarantees the determinism vital for blockchain applications.

Core Advancements

  • Fast Execution Engine: Leveraging Wasmer, known for its JIT streaming compilation, the OneFinity VM achieves near-native speed in executing smart contracts. This results in minimal latency without compromising on performance.

  • Statelessness: In an innovative approach to maintaining blockchain integrity, the OneFinity VM is designed to be stateless. Smart contracts cannot directly alter the blockchain or storage, eliminating the need for costly revert operations. Instead, all changes are gathered in a transient data structure, applied only upon successful execution. This ensures that the global state remains pristine until execution is conclusively successful.

  • Enhanced Security: Modifications to Wasmer include capabilities for immediate execution halt, dictated by runtime conditions, and an outright ban on floating-point operations. These ensure a secure, deterministic environment for smart contract execution.

OneFinity Environment Interface: A Developer's Haven

Rust Framework

Though OneFinity VMโ€™s prowess allows for the execution of smart contracts coded in any language compliable to WASM bytecode, it extends particular support to Rust. The OneFinity-provided Rust framework champions developers with its clarity and efficiency, qualities seldom found together in blockchain development. Additionally, it includes a declarative testing framework, streamlining the development process.

Why Rust?

Rust's memory safety capabilities and performance metrics make it an ideal candidate for blockchain applications, aligning perfectly with OneFinity's security and efficiency ethos.


The OneFinity WASM VM is not just another execution engine; it's an innovative leap in smart contract technology. By offering an execution framework that's fast, secure, and developer-friendly, OneFinity is poised to become a cornerstone technology for modern blockchain networks.

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