Epoch and Rounds

Epochs and Rounds within the OneFinity Network

In the OneFinity Network, the management and organization of time are essential for maintaining network integrity, optimizing system capabilities, and ensuring equitable rewards for all validators. The network achieves this through a structured time management system, consisting of epochs and rounds, which are fundamental to its operation following the Proof-of-Stake principles.

Understanding Epochs

An epoch represents a set duration within the network, defined by a series of consecutive rounds. The architecture of the network is designed to remain static throughout the epoch, promoting stability and predictability. Each epoch is meticulously planned to span 24 hours, based on an initial calculation of the rounds it encompasses. This structuring allows the network to adapt its topology, compute validator rewards, and perform necessary adjustments to smoothly transition from one epoch to the next.

The Role of Rounds

Rounds serve as the building blocks of epochs, with each round lasting a predetermined duration of 2 seconds, uniformly applied across the network. It is conceivable that during certain rounds, a new block may not be added to the blockchain. Such instances could occur if consensus among the participating nodes is not achieved or if the designated leader of the consensus group is unavailable to propose a block.

The inception of the network is marked by the genesis round, initiating the very first epoch. This pivotal round includes the bootstrapping phase, setting the foundational parameters and rules for network operation.

This structured approach to network time organization ensures coherence, efficiency, and fairness, serving as a cornerstone for the OneFinity Network's operational principles and goals.

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