Basic concepts

Pioneering Sovereign Shard EVM-Compatible Platform

OneFinity is taking a significant leap in blockchain technology by becoming the first Sovereign Shard platform that is EVM-compatible. This advancement allows Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers to effortlessly deploy their projects on OneFinity, thereby saving considerable time and resources.

Key Features of OneFinity

  • MultiversX WASM VM: At the heart of OneFinity's innovation is the MultiversX WASM VM, a groundbreaking virtual machine that boasts exceptional speed in executing smart contracts. It supports smart contracts written in any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly, making it incredibly versatile.

  • Secure Randomness Source: The platform leverages BLS signing to provide a secure randomness source. This feature ensures that the randomness is both non-biasable and unpredictable, thereby enhancing the security and fairness of operations on the network.

  • High Resiliency to Attacks: By monitoring node status at every epoch change, OneFinity significantly mitigates collusion risk and bolsters security measures. This constant oversight ensures node integrity, thereby enhancing protection against malicious attacks.

  • Secure Proof of Stake Consensus: The consensus mechanism is a streamlined secure proof of stake model, which is accomplished with just two communication steps. It utilizes modified Bonehโ€“Lynnโ€“Shacham (BLS) multi-signatures among the validators within the consensus group. Additionally, the composition of nodes selected for the consensus group is randomized and remains unknown until one round before, preventing potential manipulation.

OneFinity's integration of these advanced features signifies a leap forward in blockchain security, efficiency, and developer accessibility, setting a new standard for the industry.

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