• Service Fee: A charge levied by service providers on the rewards received by their staking pools.

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): The yearly interest rate.

  • Delegation Cap: The upper limit on the amount of funds a staking pool is authorized to accept.

  • Staking Pool: A contractual system designed to aggregate funds for the purpose of staking.

  • Staking Provider: An entity operating a staking pool and facilitating the staking of funds.

  • Unbond: The process of withdrawing funds to the original account following a ten-epoch unbonding period.

  • Unstake: Expressing the intention to make staked or delegated funds accessible after a ten-epoch unbonding period.

  • Delegate Rewards: Earnings generated by locked funds in delegation contracts. These earnings can either be claimed or redelegated.

  • Stake Rewards: Income derived from locking funds to support validator nodes, enhancing network security. Rewards may be claimed or reinvested.

  • Delegate: Supporting network security by allocating a minimum of 3000 ONE towards the OneFinity Community Delegation contract.

  • Stake: Promoting network integrity by delegating a minimum of 100 ONE (To Be Determined) to a staking provider overseeing validator nodes.

  • Validate: Contributing to the network's operations by managing a validator node, crucial for relaying and validating information.

  • Observer: A non-active network participant, serving as a conduit for reading and relaying information.

  • Validator: A network node that has staked a minimum of 3000 ONE along with acquiring a Validator NFT to actively engage in transaction processing and the consensus mechanism, thereby safeguarding the network and accruing protocol and transaction fee-based rewards.

  • Node: A computational platform or server running the OneFinity client, tasked with the relay of messages received from peer nodes.

  • Address: A wallet's public key, adhering to the bech32 format outlined in BIP 0173, typically beginning witherd1. Example: erd16a7clms4dwyjmxzlxey2pmygvxdal4q76pdymzhj9xzjyxns000qgy5w2j

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