An overview of the most important ONE premises:

a) The ONE currency is designed for simplicity and global adoption. Complexity is the most important obstacle for real world adoption. To reach the greatest audience and user base, weโ€™ve completely rethought the OneFinity currency, capturing its essence into a universally appealing and powerful actor in the blockchain space.

b) The ONE currency is designed as a digital reserve standard and robust store of value A new economics model has been defined to position ONE as the core network token, fundamental to all OneFinityโ€™s internal usage. This token is designed to optimize parameters that lend themselves to creating a robust store of value. OneFinity, will in fact, intend to onboard many new tokens, such as stable coins and EVM-compatible project tokens, new and existing.

c) Strong staking incentive for validator adoption paired with a max supply limit There are strong staking incentives for validators to secure the OneFinity network.

d) Adoption reduces this theoretical inflation and increases scarcity One of the most powerful features of the OneFinity economic model is that each transaction fee paid reduces the theoretical limit by substituting inflation with fees, thus making ONE scarcer, ensuring that the max supply limit will never be reached.

e) A sustainable adoption model growing the entire ONE economy and reinforcing deflation OneFinity offers arguably one of the strongest adoption models in the blockchain space, thanks to the network being able to immediately transition to a fully deflationary model via any adoption scenario. Indeed, the zero-inflation threshold shows that since 10% of the network capability is needed to cross the threshold, with enough adoption OneFinity can exceed this threshold and create a significant amount of value for all the network participants.

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