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EVM Compatibility: A Cornerstone of OneFinity Sovereign Shard in Blockchain Technology

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility stands as a cornerstone in the architecture of Sovereign Shards within blockchain technology, attributed to several critical factors:

  • Seamless Integration with the Ethereum Ecosystem: EVM compatibility ensures effortless integration with Ethereum's expansive ecosystem, including its smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and a plethora of developer tools. This integration offers developers a familiar environment and access to a comprehensive suite of resources, paving the way for swift innovation and widespread adoption.

  • Access to a Battle-Tested Virtual Machine: Developers leveraging EVM compatibility in Sovereign Shards benefit from access to a virtual machine renowned for its robustness and adaptability. The EVM's established reputation for security and versatility significantly lowers the learning curve for new developers and bolsters the platform's overall security and dependability.

  • Alignment with Industry Standards: Incorporating EVM compatibility in Sovereign Shards ensures alignment with industry standards and best practices, facilitating compatibility with the existing Ethereum infrastructure and tooling. This strategic alignment reduces fragmentation in the blockchain sphere and encourages collaborative innovation across diverse platforms.

EVM-Compatible Sovereign Shards: Pioneering Blockchain Architecture

OneFinity, as a EVM-compatible MultiversX Sovereign Shards represent the forefront of blockchain technology, creating an environment conducive to fast-paced development, while ensuring the utmost security and reliability. This architecture notably includes a comprehensive array of bridges, enabling seamless communication and asset transfer across diverse chains. Such interoperability opens a wealth of opportunities for decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other decentralized applications. It fosters a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem, setting a new standard for blockchain interactivity.

Some EVM-compatible networks will be able to start deploying in OneFinity with minimum effort:





Binance Smart Chain

Cardano (KEVM)

Cosmos (Evmos)
















OneFinity offers enhanced security features such as the Guardians technology, which provides users with an added layer of protection. The inclusion of a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) service further safeguards users' funds, preventing loss even in the event of a seed leak or compromise.


OneFinity is inherently resistant to various types of attacks that are prevalent in Ethereum, such as Miner Extractable Value (MEV), sandwich attacks, and wallet drains. This resilience, coupled with the absence of the need to approve spending, addresses critical security concerns common in the Ethereum network and Layer 2 EVM solutions.

In summary, OneFinity, by implementing EVM compatibility, merges the established advantages of Ethereum's ecosystem with the scalability, security, and customization provided by MultiversX Sovereign Shards. This integration forges a robust and accessible blockchain ecosystem, promoting innovation and interoperability while ensuring the safety and security of users' assets.

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