ESDT vs ERC-20

Pre-coded and Non-programmable

ESDT tokens are pre-coded with a fixed set of functionalities, eliminating the need for developer expertise and auditing for robustness and security, unlike ERC-20 tokens.

Native Smart Contract Interaction

ESDT tokens offer native support for smart contract interactions, streamlining the development process compared to ERC-20 tokens, which often require complex and error-prone logic.

Simplified Transactions

ESDT tokens operate on a registry, facilitating wallet-to-wallet transfers without requiring contract signing. This simplifies transactions and reduces the risk of fund loss through malicious contracts.

Growing Ecosystem

While ERC-20 benefits from a mature ecosystem, ESDT will be quickly catching up due to OneFinity's EVM-compatible technology. This growth will bring more developer resources, tools, and libraries for ESDT token creation, making it a future-proof choice for developers and end chain users.

Performance and Scalability

ESDT tokens leverage OneFinity's Sovereign Shards technology for fast, efficient, and cost-effective transactions. This scalability advantage is inherent to ESDT tokens on OneFinity as a complete L1, whereas Ethereum's solutions rely solely on Layer 2 technology for similar performance.

Key Functionalities:

  • Upgrading: Update token properties as needed.

  • Ownership Transfer: Transfer ownership to another ESDT account.

  • Wiping: The token manager can erase tokens held by a frozen account.

  • Freezing: Block all incoming and outgoing transactions for a specific account.

  • Pausing/Unpausing: Temporarily halt all operations except minting and burning.

  • Burning: Users can destroy a certain amount of their tokens.

  • Minting: Create new tokens after their initial release.

In conclusion, ESDT tokens offer unique benefits such as enhanced security, simplified transactions, scalability and true asset ownerships on the OneFinity blockchain. The standard's simplicity, EVM-compatibility and built-in features make it an attractive choice for developers and users alike.

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