Manage a validator node


Becoming a validator node is a significant step up from being an observer, marking your enhanced commitment to helping maintain the network's integrity and security. This transition entails meeting specific essential conditions and is not taken lightly.

Initial Observer Mode

Upon setup, your node begins its journey in observer mode. This phase serves an educational purpose, giving you the opportunity to get acquainted with the network’s operations and its various nuances. It is a critical period for learning and exploration, allowing you to understand the network fully before taking on the validator role's responsibilities.

Join Our Telegram Community

One of the most effective ways to integrate into our network and move towards becoming a validator is to join our dedicated Telegram community. This platform isn't just about conversation—it's a rich resource filled with individuals passionate about our network's growth and success. Here, you can find guidance for your first challenges or advice for optimizing your setup, making it an invaluable tool for both newcomers and seasoned participants alike.

Our Telegram community further enriches this experience by fostering a sense of belonging, as everyone works towards enhancing network performance. For those feeling overwhelmed, our community admins are pivotal. They offer tailored support and connect individuals with a knowledgeable network, simplifying complex procedures such as node setup, understanding validation, and meeting validator criteria.


  • Minimum Token Requirement: Accumulating at least 3000 ONE tokens is the first step. These tokens are a fundamental requirement, acting as both a financial stake in the network's wellbeing and a deterrent against malicious activities. By staking your tokens, you are expressing a vested interest in the network's prosperity and stability.

  • Validator NFT: The second prerequisite is obtaining a Validator NFT. This non-fungible token is symbolic of your eligibility and readiness to partake in the network's validation process. It's a credential, marking your node as capable and prepared to contribute to the network's consensus mechanism effectively.


A comprehensive management guide will be published here once the testnet becomes available.

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