Node CLI

This page will guide you through the CLI fields available for the node and other tools from the mx-chain-go repository.


The Command Line Interface of the Node and its associated Tools is described at the following locations:

  • Node

  • SeedNode

  • Keygenerator

  • TermUI

  • Logviewer

Links will be released when testnet phase starts


To launch an Observer Node, use the command:

./node --rest-api-interface=localhost:8080 \
 --log-save --log-level=*:DEBUG --log-logger-name \
 --destination-shard-as-observer=0 --start-in-epoch\

To start a Node as a Metachain Observer, use the command:

./node --rest-api-interface=localhost:8080 \
 --use-log-view --log-save --log-level=*:DEBUG --log-logger-name \
 --destination-shard-as-observer=metachain --start-in-epoch\

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