Nodes and Wallets

Account and Wallet Management

Users manage account keys through wallets, applications designed for secure key storage, though advanced users may operate without them. Accounts in the OneFinity Network are identified by a 32-byte public key, doubling as the account address in Bech32 format.

Node Operator Overview

A node operator controls one or more nodes within the OneFinity Network, placing a significant ONE token stake as collateral for each node. This stake, which locks during the operation, signifies commitment to node reliability and efficiency. These staked nodes elevate to validator status, becoming pivotal in consensus activities and eligible for rewards. Unstaked, nodes function as observers, passive yet crucial network entities. The current requirements for those wishing to run a node on OneFinity is 3000 $ONE as staked collateral, along with 1 OneFinity Validator NFT per node.

Node and Validator Dynamics

Nodes are devices executing user requests on the OneFinity Network, with the active ones categorized as eligible validators. These validators engage in consensus processes, block addition, and network state maintenance, identified by a unique 96-byte BLS public key. Accounts, formed by pairs of keys (one public, one secret), transact by submitting signed instructions to the network, each holding a ONE token balance and an associative storage space.

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